Andy Hamblin started his long creative career at Southend School of Art & Design, England
and was a very successful international commercial artist and digital retoucher for many years
winning several creative industry awards. From a very early age Andy developed his intricate
painting style, winning his first oil painting competition aged nine and his first commission piece
aged seventeen whilst on a four year ‘Society of Industrial Artists and Designers’ (SIAD) course.

Now, an international selling artist, Andy is driven to capture in every painting his deep and profound
love of the rural countryside and his personal connection with the wildlife he encounters along
the way. With ‘ultra-fine’ detail, Andy is renowned in portraying the beauty and intricate textures
that nature creates, especially trees. Behind every landscape painting is weeks, months and
sometimes years of exploring the natural beauty of the English countryside, searching stunning
views with the perfect mix of atmospheric conditions. An integral part of this process is capturing
the wonder of ‘natural light’, giving his paintings real life and drama.

Andy patiently captures a ‘one-off’ original photograph for studio reference, before committing
himself to canvas using an intricate ‘10/0’ miniature detail brush throughout.

Since moving to his 17th Century cottage studio in East Sussex, Andy has absorbed the
period atmosphere around him, sensing the emotional connection that the ‘great masters’
lived through when creating their timeless paintings. Andy’s intricate detailing lets
you share the experience whilst taking you on his journey of discovery.

Andy’s paintings and commission pieces continue to inspire art connoisseurs around the globe.








All Andy Hamblin paintings, limited edition prints and reproduction of these images, both part or in full are protected by Copyright © Andy Hamblin 2016. All rights reserved.