Battle Abbey Painting

14th Century Battle Abbey Commission

Andy created a very special and unique fine art oil painting of Battle Abbey Gates as they appeared in the late fourteenth century for the 2017 Battle Festival of arts & music. Working with English Heritage and with the expertise of David & Barbara Martin, specialists in interpreting local historic houses for over fifty years with the Institute of Archaeology and University College London (UCL). Andy also had historical help from Michelham Priory’s fourteenth century living history bowmen as the characters in his painting.

This painting took over five months to create, researching and drawing with hundreds of hours of painting to finish this historic masterpiece.

Andy was interviewed live on the BBC by Mark Carter discussing his ultra-fine detail techniques, before unveiling the painting and adding the finishing touches in front of a very well attended audience in Battle, East Sussex. This was one of the first events of the festival. The Battle Abbey painting was sold to a private collector within minutes of unveiling and will be displayed annually at the Battle Museum for a couple of months.

Maya Portrait

Andy's first contemporary portrait

Well known for his landscape and period building paintings, Andy has taken the next leap into portraiture. Diversifying from '50 shades of landscape green' he feels completely energised painting subtle skin tones with vibrant contemporary colours.

Not leaving behind his 'traditional' techniques, Andy still uses impasto textured backgrounds with velatura overtinting, creating interesting textured backgrounds behind his sitter.

Andy says: "It was a huge honour to paint 'Maya', putting her faith in me to produce this first portrait. Now i've got the energy and enthusiasm to continue learning and creating other portraits".

Already, Andy is working on another portrait of a beautiful young lady in a very contemporary style.

Battle Abbey School

A lesson in the art of velatura tinting

As part of the Battle Arts Festival Andy gave a fine art lesson to students at Battle Abbey School, teaching the students old master techniques such as impasto texture, velatura glazing & tinting and ultra-fine 10/0 brush techniques. The students were very inspired by these techniques and created some beautifuly detailed art in their on-going school projects.

Patchings Exhibition 2017

Patchings 2017 Open Art Competition and Exhibition

Selected as a 'Professional Finalist' for the Patchings Open Art Competition and Exhibition, held at the Patchings Art Centre in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. Andy's oil on canvas painting 'Soft powder underfoot'was selected as one of the finalists from thousands of UK and International entries. This amazing event was sponsored by 'The Artist' magazine with thousands of visitors between 13th July and 20th August.

Ring-tailed Lemur Painting

David Shepherd Wildlife competition

Andy is very well known for his Fine Art Commissions and painting for his own one-man exhibitions, taking a leap of faith in entering the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation 'Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017'. Making it to the stage of having his painting 'Lost Lemur to Logging' featured for sale on the David Shepherd Wildlife Art Shop. This painting of a ring-tailed lemur highlights Madagascar's lemur species as the most threatened mammal group on Earth due to deforestation for the illegal hardwood trade.

In this more contemporary oil on canvas painting, Andy used Impasto painting techniques, mixing french chalk with titanium white to create a textured background where the symbolic Madagascar baobab trees are ghosted in white.

Sussex exhibition

Andy's 'one-man' exhibitions in Kent & Sussex

In 2017 Andy had two very well attended 'one-man' exhibitions in Sussex and Kent. This fine art collection of landscape paintings took Andy over three years to produce, from bleak midwinter to scorching sunny days each painting guides you through every season. Among the hundreds of attendees, many felt quite overwhelmed with not only the intricate beauty but also the amount of large paintings by one artist.

Each painting was spotlit on a black velvet background supported by black satin artist easels, giving a feel of both studio and exhibition. If there was one word that almost everybody used entering the exhibition room was "Wow", followed by many kind messages on the 'comments card' message wall. Andy is very much looking forward to having further exhibitions in 2018.

Andy Hamblin Fine Art